pollok park farriers, banks

have put on the pollok park page the days when you can see the horses being shoed also on glasgow green.  Not often one gets the chance to this nowadays in the age of mechanics.

Queen’s park is dedicated to Mary Queen of Scots – went past it today and the pond is no longer frozen and the swans are back hurray.

apparently an information gathering team from Future of Banking Commission will be in Glasgow on January 26.  They will be asking members of the public what they think about how the banks about customer service to them and how the banks should operate.   Definitely interesting but will it work?  Could be just another blah blah no action event.

Interesting in world news – a delegation of 55 mps from europe went to gaza and of course were only allowed to stay 48 hours by the Egyptians.  What was interesting was kauffman the UK jewish mp who said that the jews had left europe to get away from ghettos and had built themselves into a ghetto (funny as i had mentioned this in an earlier post a few days ago) with all the walls around them and that the israeli’s should be prosecuted for their use of phosperous.  Kauffman was very strong in his condemnation of Israel which is quite surprising as he is normally pro Israeli – just shows how quickly Israel is losing their friends if old faithfuls criticise them more audibly than ever before.

Haiti may be about to burst into civil unrest and riots as the aid is getting to them slowly but the good news is that they are still bringing out people alive which is really great.

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