plastic chocolate, death by rags, cancer causing body scanners

Glasgow is awaiting with bated breath for more snow – well according to the weathermen – but looks more like heavy rain but snow on thursday followed by rain/sleet.  Weather is definitely cold and the roads aarrghh huge potholes every where thanks to our friends ‘ice and snow’.   So with more snow and cold weather on the way we can i suppose expect even more dangerous potholes and the repair work – patchwork of tar till the next time.  Instead of Glasgow the dear green place should be called Glasgow the dear pothole place.  The potholes in some places are so down right dangerous that driving on them can cause a car to veer or turn over or even the tyres to be slashed causing serious damage to the car and a serious accident.

Wee Billy Bragg has launched a facebook thingy – why you might ask – he is refusing to pay government taxes until the excesses of the banks are curbed – rbs methinks and others whom we own?

The Hoon Dog was at chilcot inquiry today – so kind of him to turn up and blab for our ex democratic dictator to make him look good.  So was he aggressively interviewed – er no.  Ah it was girder gordie’s fault that the budget had been raided and left nothing for the Hoon Dog to buy equipment for an illegal war.  He also said that they did not equip the military so that they could win the vote and if it was thought they were preparing for war publically then they would not have got the vote to go to war.  Straw is next on Thursday so what lies will be regurgitate in his loyalty to eDD?  We await and see.

Big news in the UK is that Kraft has taken over Cadbury – what does that mean for us – well disgusting American plasticated chocolate.  Have you ever tasted American chocolate – it is truly foul.  We had some from a friend who came back from the states and ended up giving it to a tramp who threw it back at us and said that he never at the stuff as it was so disgusting and the poor man was starving as well!  After all the crocodile tears and false cries by the chairman of Cadbury to keep it British it has now gone over the pond and inevitably there will be job losses.  Some of the tweets about the plastic chocolate is interesting even Sky news reporters were saying that they do not like american chocolate and were thinking of hoarding up before plastic stuff arrives on our shelves.  Sad news that we lose so much of our industry to foreigners.  I am being hypocritical here as i dont eat cadbury anyway as it is crap chocolate, but the brits are used to it, but belgian which is the best. yummy yummy

Body scanners you know the ones they will soon be using in airports – well guess what they cause cancer as they are the wrong end of the spectrum ie the dangerous end of xrays.  Wonder how long it will take before governments and airports start getting sued?

Harpers have brought out a wee article about three guantanamo innocents who were murdered – it is so sad that such atrocities were done to prisoners.  Anyway here is the link to the article – which speaks for itself – found it on a twitter thingy .  Death was by rags stuffed down their throats – very very chilling read.  from the article ‘Not everyone who is involved in this matter views it from a political perspective, of course. General Al-Zahrani grieves for his son, but at the end of a lengthy interview he paused and his thoughts turned elsewhere. “The truth is what matters,” he said. “They practiced every form of torture on my son and on many others as well. What was the result? What facts did they find? They found nothing. They learned nothing. They accomplished nothing.”

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