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So much warmer and the snow is almost gone though a lot of the smaller roads and hilly pavements are still covered.   The ponds though in many parks are still frozen.  Snow forecast for tonight and tomorrow and then heavy rain.

A major gangland man was murdered today in broad daylight in an Asda supermarket here in Glasgow. The supermarkets should have metal detectors for large heavy objects, not smaller ones, if such a thing exists so that people can leave their knives / guns or whatever at the door.  I remember years ago there used to be a lot of drive by gang shootings in Paisley Road West, but this one was in the east end.

Today the Queen Mum hospital closed – no more babies will be born there.  Wonder what it will become next?  Also the Renfrew ferry which has very few numbers taking passengers across the clyde may be shut after next week.

Volunteers are being sought for Hadrian’s Wall, built by the Romans hundreds of years ago and still going strong compared to the buildings nowadays which only last 15 years then dilapidate.   The intention is to get 500 volunteers who will each switch on a wee point of light which will be set every 250 metres on the 84 mile stretch of wall on 13 March 2010.  Sound really good and it will go from coast to coast but will only be a one off event.  Pity as it would have been a good history trip for children every year and tourists.  Also what are the lights made of and how permanent or impermanent are they?  Certainly an interesting project – wonder if any satellites will go over it then as that would give some amazing images then too.  Google Earth satellite where will you be then ?

Oh forgot something really bizarre – a man from southampton had to have a delicate part of his body cut out of a stainless steel pipe.   Firefighters had to cut his willie free as the emergency hospital doctors did not have the equipment to do so.  Delicate surgery and steady hand was needed as well as seven firefighters.  Thank goodness for the firemen is all i can say they do such amazing work and are heros in all situations no matter how bizarre.  Anyway i digress – how did the man manage to get his willie stuck in the pipe?

Well the Iraq war inquiry is still going on under the pretext of the chilcot inquiry.  Will our ex democratic dictator, Blair, be indicted for war crimes?  I doubt it?  alistair campbell has been very, how should i say, robust? aggressive? defiant? mmm.  Anyway one of the things that came out was that Blair had sent secret  love letters to his ‘willie’ Bush jr affirming that Britain will go into an illegal war and thump Iraq whether wmd or not are found.  Another one was that our very own girder gordie was 100% behind his buddy and next door neighbour Blair.  Defiant to the end is Alistair Campbell that what they did was right!   What! The right to kill millions of innocents and continual killings?  The right to send our people to an illegal war?  The right to defy the majority of the electorate as if they were slaves who know nothing?  I don’t think so.

The only parties who did not vote for the iraq war were liberal democrats in their entirety and the SNP and i think also the welsh party.

Talking about SNP, SHAME ON YOU Alex Salmond am very disappointed that a trade mission from Scotland went to Israel this week.  That is so disgusting – what is the matter with you wee Alex Salmond are we so desparate for trade that we will trade with an apartheid murderous immoral nation?

Not only that but this is really ironic the wall which is built around Israel does this not remind one of the walls built around Jews which ensclaved them in Europe for hundreds of years – ghettos i think they were called?  And yet there was none in the middle east to separate Jews as they lived safely amongsts the Muslims and Christians.  Now Israel has built themselves into a ghetto.

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