war or peace obama, what snow is going to by pass us? vince cable for chancellor

what the snow is now predicted to bypass Glasgow – what is the wrong with the weathermen?  Here we were looking forward to another wee bout of the cold cotton stuff and now nothing.  Actually i prefer this than the weatherman always being right – so boring darlings so boring.

So what’s happening in glasgow well apparently the sports cafe has been shut down cos of a huge fight – they held a lot of networking events there and were based in sauchiehall street.   They will have their license changed when they reopen and must make changes like stewards, reinforced glass etc.

Scotland – our economy shrunk by 0.2%, we do not invest in our own business look at JJ & HB Cashmere which is in administration, this may be a small industry but it is important and no one here invests in such things.  Cashmere brings in money just like those sexy techy businesses.  I would rather sell Scottish cashmere products than ones made in China because the quality is really high compared to the cheap quantity crap from china.   Plus it keeps people here in jobs, no dole queue not get into debt as much cos there is no money coming in good for the economy you know that kind of thing.  The SNP budget was approved hip hip hurray.

UK-wide – wee vince cable from the lib-dems – he knows his business and would make a good chancellor but the problem is that most people will vote for conservatives rather than lib-dems.  But they should consider this – they have had conservatives before labour and both were unpopuar.  SNP who had not experience and the Welsh have not done that bad for their countries so why not let in someone totally new to run the country – a breath of fresh air and dear old vince cable economist extraordinaire.

He he he good poodle cartoon of hoon, powell and our ex-democratic dictator Blair – here – lets see how many more poodles arrive on the way to tb-day.

Don’t you feel sorry for Obama – not pity but sorry for the poor man?  He inherits a shit economy from the war monger Bush and gets the blame for not changing things.  When he does try he is foiled by powerful lobbies cos in America truth does not prevail but money and greed does.  So when he tries to change the health system he is called a communist – what we brits are not communist and have a health system not great but certainly better than the usa.  At least here we treat everyone and never leave people to die on streets cos they have no money unlike the states.  So a health system for all is certainly fairer.  Then he has the powerful israeli lobby – whom he stupidly listens to and then the americans wonder why they are so unpopular.  What they do not realise is that it is not the ordinary people but the stupid politicians whom people do not like from america as they do such stupid things and make wars and bully people to the detriment of all else and their friends.  Real friendship is not ‘ you are with us or against us’ but when you both support each other sometimes one side then the other side and it becomes a friendship of equals and accept on the chin all constructive criticism without bashing up the messenger.  Obama looked washed out today, which is sad as the white americans have not really given him a chance proper.  Banks – poor chappie got stuck with a rotten and corrupt bank system – like most things this does not heal like most illnesses immediately but with the right medicine and proper care and time will – but people are impatient and his enemies just awaiting to stab him in the back.  Such a shame cos given the chance he can do good for the vast general american public.  Let’s see how the next few days go hope he does not become disenheartened but more resolved and stubborn yet sees both sides of the argument in such a way that he wins.  His foreign policy though is bad and it looks like he does not care about other countries and how much damage his war planes cause – he needs to think of peace peace peace and talk talk talk and not listen to the warmongers or follow the policy of Israel in beatings, detentions, killings, same as they do in gaza and west bank – these policies do not do anything but make people hate you and want revenge instead of wanting to help you and make peace.

Obama what do you really want war or peace?  You know what you need to do to help the common American – do it speak to them, listen to their solutions and fix it – fight the powerful lobbies and keep these dogs at bay.  the poor in your country  need your help not the rich dogs of war – that is why the voted for  you listen to them – do forums with communities, meet, greet, listen to solutions make changes. Strengthen your country’s and peoples security by choosing the path of peace not war.  think about it.

On another point the dollar is getting stronger which is not good for us cos then american wholesale products get more expensive to buy especially things made in USA not china.  I tend to recommend only those things made directly in the USA to my contacts as USA made things are quality like Scots made things here but so rare.  I remember years ago when we toured the States it was so hard to find souvenirs actually made in the good old USA – but we did after a lot of perserverance and loud complaints.  Such a shame that – nothing worse than finding what you think is a lovely souvenir saying on the bottom ‘made in hong kong/china/taiwan/philippines/…’

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