no business like snow business

snowing for most of the day – with bits of sleet inbetween – Glasgow is under a blanket of snow today and more is to come according to the weatherman.  For once they are right he he he after last year’s snow snow and then nada.

What is shocking is that the council’s have not put any grit on the pavements so they are like sheets of ice – the elderly are stuck as they cannot get out at all.  Come on councils – also do the pavements they are just as important as the streets, surprised not more people have hurt themselves whether old or young.

Did not have time to build a snowman as we went to a funeral an old friend of the family’s husband died yesterday – may his soul rest in peace.  Uncle Hashmat was the last of the four brothers who started Sher Brothers here in Glasgow in the 60’s.

A lot of sme did not do so well over the Christmas period but the larger ones did really well.  That is the problem these giants take away choice and sme’s dont get a look in which is such a shame.  The giant supermarkets should be curtailed in what they sell.

Apparently there are a lot of fake engineers going round shops and asking to examine the pin-chip machine and taking them away for ‘repair’ then returning them with added fraudulent software or extra electronic bits to steal your details.  Be careful when paying with your chip and pin.  Surely there should be a system where the shop owner has to call a special number they have been provided with by the original chip and pin people to verify or even some other system?

Shocking that gps and doctors refuse to open up their surgeries in weekends and late evenings – why did they become doctors ?  For the money of course they are over paid and over pampered?  Time to take a stance and make them open up late they get paid over £150,000 a year plus an extra £300-600 per home visit.  Time to stop this bit of crap and make sure they work hard for far too much.  Not everyone can take time off and who the heck is sick from 9-5 every day and never in the evenings or weekends yeah my a***.  Overpaid and arrogant who know so little about real medicine nowadays a bit like our bankers and even our politicians.

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