new rules, shame on western press

An unknown rule came out in late 2009 – all parents in Glasgow must accompany their children, up to the age of 16, to the restroom of all licensed establishments.  Suppose this makes sense as then you know your children are safe.  though would make sense if they actually had made it more public well in advance?

the snow is melting can finally see what the car looks like – may take it out later in the week to see if it still remembers how to move.

Without Egypt’s complicity, there would be no siege of Gaza – say’s it all.  Italian human rights organizations and dignitaries warned that the steel wall being built on the Palestinian-Egyptian borders equalizes Egypt with Israel in its blockade on the Gaza Strip.  By doing this there will be war and this is exactly what Egypt’s ‘willie’ wants as a pretext to re-enter Gaza to protect the people of Egype = yeah my ar**.

what a farce the brother of the UAE president who tortured a poor Afghan man as been acquited even though the evidence, video, clearly showed he did it.  Shame on you UAE no one is above the law especially God’s law.  Travesty.

Shame on the Western press on keeping silent about the Gaza peace convoy and what is happening there.  You are all in the same league as the UAE Sheikh who was acquitted of torture.  What is your excuse?  Drugs as well or fear of  losing business or ?

Are we humans or are we terrorists that we allow the slow  massacre of a million poeple to happen?  We should lobby our governments to boycott egype and israel.  Can you believe it but apparently Israeli’s can go to any American weapon store and just take any weapon and as much as they want without any order form or permission?  Not even Americans themselves can do it?  Why is the US not stopping all aid to Israel and at the same time keep it up for as long as it takes?  Once again Gaza was bombed today and the steel wall i was reading about is so sad that the egyptians are building.

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