liar liar pants on fire, arms for free

Really lovely day today and i was off sick – sore throat which i’ve been fighting off all weekend and fever.

anyway powell, our ex-democratic dictator’s (‘eDD’)  right hand man – anyone ever heard of him or remember him?  Well this man has now said at the Chilcot inquiry that he was at a meeting between our eDD and his ‘willie’ bush before the iraq invasion and has said that the ex ambassador sir christopher meyer and straw were liars and not only that but Powell’s memory went several times – alzheimers maybe?  Liar Liar Pants on fire – he of course quoted some documents like wily coyote making the route easy for his master our eDD to take the stand and steering the chilcot inquiry to another vein and changing everything to ‘assumption’.  Wonder how much he was paid for saying all of this, though can’t imagine our eDD paying anyone more like gimme gimme gimme.  So the game is afoot going towards the culmination of eDD’s sparkly appearance like a circus ringmaster on 29 january 2010.  What other ‘assumptions’ will wily brought out and changed slyly to make eDD so angelic that maybe we will change our minds about the poor sod – yeah right angelic.

Arms for free and – is there not a song about this money for nothing and your arms for free? so why does israel need free arms or even reduced priced arms from Germany?  do they not get enough from the country they practically run from afar – do the americans know that their government has been outsourced for years if not decades to Israel?  Quite a wee protest in Germany with many Jewish protestors against Israeli policies taking part as Netanyahu was meeting Jerky Merkey in Berlin.  Not only that but they received three free nuclear submarines from the Germans courtesy of Schroeder and guess what they will station one in the Persian Gulf – very very dangerous for the world.

this rogue state is dangerous – much more than al qaeda or the taliban put together.  apparently Abbas was forced into postponing the vote on Goldstone as he was told by the head of Israel’s secret service ‘shin bit’ or something like that, that that they would turn the west bank into a second Gaza unless abbas asked for a deferral vote.

The world is beginning to understand slowly that Obama is not interested in peace but in warmongering just like his idiotic predecessor.  Ah Nobel Nobel Nobel – where is your peace prize heading now – being flushed down the toilet.

Haiti – 70,000 buried may they rest in peace.  Heard a very nice American was helping in Port Gouave from 8am to 10pm, digging up bodies and burying them. kind and very brave man.

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