Icing countrywide and rightous clashes

Like cake icing Scotland is blanketed with the cold white stuff,  no not the stuff stupid people sniff up their nose – but of course lovely old fashioned snow.  China has had its worst snowfall in 60 years and some poor train was stuck in a huge snow drift for over 17 hours without any heat before being dug out. Schools were closed in many places as the freeze continues.  The cold snap hopefully should kill a lot of  bad bacteria and bugs.

Why are businesses here in Glasgow and elsewhere not cleaning outside in front of their premises so no one falls and hurts themselves instead of whingeing that the council haven’t done their job.  On another note they should be washing in front of their premises every day of the year as it is disgusting sometimes as you pass by and there is old vomit, gobs of spittal and other stuff stuck in front – certainly puts you off entering the business premises.  Dont they realise that the outside reflects them just as much as inside and their products?

Traffic chaos continues in as Glasgow airport closed today, trains were cancelled or delayed as points were frozen and in Inverness a goods train derailed, thankfully no one was hurt badly.  Accidents have increased as more and more people slide gracefully on the icy pavements onto parts of their bodies which inevitably broke.  come on councils do the right thing and grit the pavements before a major accident happens.

Watching the hairy bikers on bbc and of all the things they are doing is a recipe fair – great idea but the hairy bikers are sure gonna get a bit larger than they already are (wonder if there is such a thing as a fat bike for overly large people) with all the food they are continually tasting.  But what a great idea a recipe fair – good way to raise money for charity as well as more people learning to cook at home.  Home cooking much better cos not only is it fresh, you know exactly what ingredients are in it and guess what less salt so those who have high blood pressure healthy and eatable – but remember to use saltless butter or dont add salt if using salted butter.  Am off to bake a chocolate cake, as it’s made me hungry watching them cooking – an old american recipe which we adopted.   American baking recipes are really great as they use cups – so much easier than grams and  ounces aarrgghhh – and huge batches for a family – plus many are quite adaptable to changes.

New Black Watch Tartan created ‘The Red Hackle Tartan’ takes its name from the distinctive red plume worn by the regiment’s troops.

For the first time in more than 30 years, the Royal Caledonian Curling Club is about to confirm that a bonspiel (grand match), may be held on a Lake Menteith – a shallow loch.  2,000 curlers from across  Scotland will gather together and compete on 250 rinks specially cut in the ice.  An extra inch of ice is needed – at least 7 inches – before  the event can be held.  We await fattening ice for that extra inch.

Rest of the world news – once again Egypt is blocking entry into Gaza – first they refused the 40 american supplied vehicles now they have refused entry and over 2,000 riot police have surrounded the peace activists and vehicles with water cannon- a noisy stand-off is in progress. The convoy has blocked the port entrance with their vehicles and are ready to defend the aid and vehicles no matter what.  There have been violent clashes and many convoy member have been injured by the Egyptians.  Egyptians, or more accurately the ruling government, are truly bad people who have no humanity in their hearts, but they are pharoahs descendants after all – selfish. I pray the convoy gets through safely with the much needed humanitarian aid.  Ordinary Egyptians themselves do not know what is going as the news of the convoy has been banned – censorship censorship censorship – the old triple whammy that cripples a nation from truly knowing the truth by seeing all sides of an argument. Whilst this is going on Israel is continually bombing Gaza every day.

BOYCOTT EGYPT / BOYCOTT ISRAEL – we do and very loudly too whenever we see any goods from either country – that some shops have stopped goods from these two countries.  It makes so much sense.  I boycotted the apartheid state of South Africa until there was no apartheid.  Also boycotted the French when they did their nuclear testing in the South Pacific.  So to those who say that I am anti-jewish i say crap if i was then i would never have boycotted these other two states previously.  Don’t give me the old chestnut of  ‘ant-semitism’ it doesn’t wash in this day and age of so much information – as it has nothing to do with that but everything to do with their evil policies towards Palestinians.

The other big story is Iceland – the president of Iceland has refused to sign a bill to return money owed to the Brits and the Netherlands.  To tell you the truth they are right in doing so as they need to look at their own economy and to repair it first before they can fork out money they do not have. Very brave and good decision for their own economy and people and land.  The repayment will now go for an internal referendum – which if they are clever will say no by a vast majority.  What do they manufacture in Iceland?  Fishing? Did they not have a singer from Iceland – cant remember.

My prediction for the States is that their next huge problem will come internally from the White Suprematists and neo-nazi groups  (some who have nazi symbols tattoed on their bodies boldly for the world to see) whose numbers are growing insidiously.  Muslims in America are not the real threat but these new neo-nazi groups and white suprematists as the eyes of the State is taken away elsewhere they will be recruiting and arming and making plans.  The same pattern as in Europe is emerging.  Wonder if they are behind that awful hanging effigy of Obama in the town of wee Jimmy Carter.  Yet it is not surprising as these groups have slowly been gaining power within the States whilst the Americans have been monitoring Muslims and not keeping a watch on this other internal threat.

Can you believe it a mouse nest was found underneath paper on a policeman’s desk in London – they must have doing his filing.  Not only that but the new Spanish EU presidency’s website has been hacked and what was on the page but a picture of Mr Bean – he he he.  Plus two chinese woman found they shared the same husband through a chinese social networking site – eeks.

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