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It is so cold that we now have to keep the taps running very very midly – more like dripping so that the pipes do not freeze and then burst.  But it is really lovely and crispy and cold.  It is official we are almost as cold as the south pole -21 highlands and -22 in south pole.  Penguin country.

Can you believe it parts of the Clyde was frozen today – dont ever remember seeing that before?

Tons of trains cancelled in Glasgow Central again – frozen points –  which means that all the profits went into shareholders pockets and sh** all to infrastructure – don’t you just love the capitalists who are all me me me for the instance rather than ‘invest in infrastructure and the investments will keep coming in for now and the future’.

Bonspiel – not happening – damper put by police – even though the ice was over 7 inches.

Well drivers in Inverurie had to steer past a wee cow that escaped from the slaughterhouse.  Caught once, re-escaped till it turned up near a farm, caught and returned to slaughterhouse and is now a ‘burger’.  Poor wee cow.

Finally Galileo after a long and protacted delay the European Union satellite system will finally start its journey to be created as German space technology company OHB-System AG secured the €566 million contract to build the first 14 of a maximum of 32 satellites needed for the system.  French company Arianespace was awarded a €397 million contract to launch the satellites, to be carried out using Russian-built Soyuz rockets.  System support to pull the whole project together will be provided by Italy’s Thales Alenia Space, under a contract valued at €85 million.  So where are the Brits in this?

A giant offshore grid will soon link Britain and eight other countries (Germany, Great Britain, France, Denmark, Sweden, the Netherlands, Belgium, Ireland and Luxembourg).  Thousands of km of cable will be laid in the North Sea linking together existing and new windmills off the German and British coasts with Belgian and Danish tidal power stations and Norwegian hydroelectric plants.  Does this mean that our energy will get cheaper?  It is expected to produce 100 gigawatts of power.  It actually makes sense to work together rather than do it all in one country – saves on the expense

George Galloway has been deported by the Egyptians – shame on you Egypt when he was doing good and helping those who are under a despicable seige because of you and  your ‘willy’.  SHAME ON YOU EGYPT.

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