flower of scotland, persona non grata and illegal weed

In this year’s commonwealth games in Delhi in October Scotland’s national anthem will be Flower of Scotland.   Then in 2014 they will be held here in wee Glasgow.

What a wonderful sunny day it was today in Glasgow again, cold but sunny – such a difference from the rainy summer.  Good to see blue skys and sun whether it be during hot weather or cold.  Though certainly a few flurries of snow today but not as much as last night.  Germany has issued a sever weather warning and asked all its people to stock up on lots of reserves at home.

Apparently some people are using kitty litter as grit – well if it works but where will the poor kitties go?  Not only that but somebody with a huge truck stole a grit bin from Newton Mearns, south side of Glasgow.  Wonder who it was rival council who has run out or someone hoping to make some money by selling it off?  What a strange thing to steal. 1 ton of grit.

500 canabis plants were found in a house in Cardonald – residents in Glasgow have been advised to look out for the following:

  1. The windows of the property are permanently covered from the inside.
  2. Visits to the premises occur at unusual times of the day or night.
  3. People often do not live in the premises and only visit to maintain them.
  4. The offenders may call daily or weekly, but usually do not stay long.
  5. The cannabis or by-products, such as used fertiliser, will be dumped outside in black bin bags or laundry bags.
  6. Compost bags or gardening equipment may be left outside.
  7. There may be a vent protruding through the roof or a rear window.
  8. There may be a pungent smell coming from the premises.
  9. There may be noise coming from equipment on the premises, for example, cooling fans.
  10. lots of power failure regularly

Drug dealers should all be locked up with all the misery they cause and brain damage.

The Egyptians have now banned all aid convoys for Gaza going through their soil.  Time that UN troops or EU troops were stationed in Gaza to protect the people – who cares what the other countries say they are tainted with blood in their hands.  George Galloway is now persona non grata in Egypt – no kidding.  Wonder how all those wonderful peace activists are going to get the aid to gaza before the gazans die a slow and unnecessary death in front of our eyes?

Can you believe it but a poor wee Indian was burnt this is the second racial attack as another Indian was fatally stabbed.  That is so sick.

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