fish and chips, sky news, mumbai bombings

Atlantic Fast Food in  Coatbridge (Suburb of Glasgow – though they would not agree he he) has been named the best fish and chip shop in the UK.    In the last three years a Scottish fish and chip shop has won.  Yummy yummy.  Though why a lot of fish and chip shops here insist on deep frying pizza’s is beyond me but it is popular – grease bomb.  Even worse is deep fat fried Mars Bars – yeuch but popular in certain parts of the country.

my question here to sky news – how much is israel paying you to say every time they show haiti that israel is doing this and israel is doing that and israel …  Who are they trying to kid?  Medecine san frontiers and the other charities do more good than this one rogue country.  So Sky News or should i say rupert murdoch – how much did israel pay you for this publicity?

The ‘fascists’ are in barrhead why the government do not ban the bnp i dont know.  They have been trying for years to get a hold in scotland. let’s hope they get a kicking such bad bad people.  scotland has enough problems they dont need this type of trouble.

Scots government has just received a study saying that hydro power in small scale can power small amount of houses of up to 50 and create about 700 jobs and at the same time keep the environment still looking good.  But will the prices of electricity go down?  Will it be cheaper?  Green energy too and carbon footprint almost zilch.

How interesting can you believe it but channel 4 are reporting that the bombings in india which was blamed on pakistan turns out the man behind it a man called david coleman headley was acting as a spy for the americans.  Apparently he had said that when the bomb went off in Islamabad to someone in India that the same was coming to mumbai.  The indians are trying to get their hands on him but he is in the states under arrest.  The jihadis in Pakistan had always said it was not them and so had a lot of Pakistnais and Blackwater was blamed – to cause mischief between both neighbours but the fact that headley pretended to dress as a jew in india and was at the place that was shot up weeks before is interesting.

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