dentists, handbags and an old bill

The big freeze stillhere and guess what snow is predicted over the next few days – first time in 30 years we have had such prolonged cold weather here.  A whole generation has grown up with mild weather in Scotland – who would have guessed.

So what’s hot in glasgow just now – Mulberry’s new handbag ‘Alexa’ is in such great demand that it has a waiting list of 50 would be baggers and the price – between £695-£985 depending on the colour/model.  I thought there was a recession on but it seems that we Glaswegians love our luxuries even in these times.

Glasgow born Samuel Latter now living in Edinburgh is Scotland’s oldest man Happy 106th birthday Samuel.  He used to be a professional footballer, trained fighter pilots and ran a sweetie shop (not all at the same time of course).

Scotland has a huge shortage of dentists with over 80,000 poor Scots with no dentist.  NHS dentists are slowly increasing in Scotland thank goodness.  I hope that these people soon get a good dentist not a charlatan only interested in the money.

In the rest of Britain – the slimeball David Cameron leader of the conservatives got his sums muddled quite spectactularly during his speech about budgets and how great they will be blah blah blah.  Labour is squealing that if the evil Blair gives his little pep talk on ‘how i saved the nation by going to an illegal war’ they will lose the election.  Liberal Democrats – nothing yet sometimes silence is golden whilst the two main ones spout out continual ‘foot in mouth disease’.  Ah don’t you just love the elections he he he.

Three weasely politicians are trying to get out from being prosecuted for the expenses they claimed for by invoking an old bill the 1689 Bill – Bill of Rights of 1689 makes them immune to prosecution.  So whose money is being spent for the lawyers who looked into this?  If these weasely mps spent as much energy and time on doing good and helping their electorate and being honest as much as they are spending on trying to weasel their ways out they would have been more likely to be re-elected – kind of.

Scientists have said that dolphins should be labeled as ‘non-human persons’ as they are now officially the second most intelligent creatures after humans of course even more than monkeys.

Today Dubai has opened the world’s tallest building at a height of 891 metres and over 90% of it has been sold already.  It is named the ‘Burj Khalifa’ building after the head of the UAE – suppose it makes sense  as the UAE did bail little bro out.

The Viva Palestina humanitarian convoy has finally arrived in Egypt – let’s see what other obstacles Egypt puts in their way via the say so of their ‘willy’.

I like Jimmy Carter ex US President – pity he did not do more for peace in the Middle East whilst in power and to bring lasting peace to the Israeli-Palestinian problem.  Still he is ok since retiring am reading his book just now, one of the few ones brave enough in America to stand up against Israeli aggression.

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