coffins, facial expressions, ex-democratic dictator

snow is gone just remnants of dirty ice scatterd about where it had been shoveled to the side left.  What a sad end to a lovely white cold stuff – pity it cant be washed with fairy liquid or persil or something else and come out clean and cold and white and layable as if it had just snowed.   Though too much of a good thng is bad – small doses makes us appreciate things more defnitely.

Oh yes the horrible supermarket tesco –

too big, too annonymous,  no character,  shopping hanger,  finisher of small shops,  just like other varieties of supermarekts the  end of choice and the age of sheep- yep do not like the large supermarkets –

anyway they are building another of their monstrosities in Linwood and whilst digging found four coffins from 1850.  So they had to get a genealogist to find who the coffins were and to find the family.  Apparently they are building on to of an old old church.  eeeks

Another eeks is looking at all those quite old people who were old when we were young have suddenly got al plastic faces, look almost younger than when they were young but their eyes have gone funny, necks are crinkly and they look robotic no expressions at all.  Are they crazy ? Grow old gracefully instead of botoxing, using decrinkling surgery.  Very frightening to see and sad too especially all the younger people who do it too now before the crinkles set in.  It’s good to see people’s expressions in different situations cos then they look human and we can sympathise with them and identifity with them too more  easily.   eeeks

Stop the War campaign are asking people to send their one question for our ex-democratic dictator’s inquiry to them here is the url to send questions to ask Blair – – send your questions.  Not only that but guess what the full transcript of his interview with fern britton was leaked to them and the ex-democratic dictator admitted that he knew it was an illegal war – indict him for killing over a million innocent people in iraq, for lying to us and supporting his ‘willie’ bush.  Apparently we Brits were an easy push compared to the UN here is the url for the full transcript : the problem with the chilcot inquiry it is only a face saving bit of crap to appease the public slightly but will it indict the evil smug lying ex-democratic dictator blair – i dont think so.  he’ll get away with murder that is so sick the lives he has ruined in iraq, the demonising of a religion, the lives he has ruined in the UK.  Not only that but people actually employ him and pay him knowing he has blood on his hands.

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