big thaw

Bonspiel no more as Lake of Menteith is thawing faster than the speed of sound going down a wormhole.  That is sad as it would have been really exciting to have a rare occassion here.  Never mind next time – let’s hope the emergency services are more alert and a damper is not put on.

Glasgow sure has thawed too – small patches of slimy ice to maneouvre whilst walking the pavements and a lot of the side streets.  Probably will be gone by tomorrow.  Try going into town it is all road works because of the stupid motorway they are building which truly blights the glasgow city scape.  Why are the building it cos some bleeding hearts said there was no motorway from the south into the heart of glasgow – what about all those which are parellel to it on both sides from the south?  Honestly.  The place is like a nightmare of motorways.

It is absolutely shocking an islamic group is banned in the UK but the right wing BNP is not?  Where is the justice in that?  Is the government stupid as this will take them and other people of other groups not necessarily islamic underground and that is where the problem lies – more trouble being shored up for later years.

Hurray for the European Court of Human Rights they have said it is illegal for police to stop and search without a reason.  they have been stopping lots of peace activists and journalists and now it has been ruled as illegal.  Hurray that is what a democracy is to be able to protect peacefully.  Police do not even have grounds to search for articles present on the person at all just suspicion and that they had to look for articles which can be used in connection wtih terrorism- do dictatorial countries not do this?  Thanks to our democratic dictataor Blair we went from a real democracy to a dictactorial-democracy. So what do kind of things are these cameras – that is why so many tourists lose their films and are arrested for taking photos for the family album.  journalists reporting a story – what the written wordof a story  is a terrorist act?  Blair and his ilk have a lot to answer for.   Thank goodness for the SNP party here in Scotland and for the Clwyd Cymru in Wales who are more pragmatic and definitely think rather than knee-jerk stupid reactions.

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