a thief called Blair

The snow is almost thawed and the temperature was a hot 2 degrees – woo hoo – but rain though there is supposed to be flurries of snow tonight.

Well here is a little known fact – Westminster stole 6,000 miles of Scottish sea border – they were laying the territory for any future oil or gas found to be English!   Think the crooks are all in the middle east well they are also here on our doorstep.

In 1999, Scotland’s marine boundary was shifted for some unexplained reason from Berwick to Carnoustie.  Not only that but apparently a fisherman was fined in England for fishing in Scotland!  Who was behind this but of course the Evil Blair our ex-prime minister.   Bloody illegal that is.  The brave SNP tried to stop it but were voted out by a labour / liberal democrat pack – stupid lib dems i thought they were better than labour but sure as heck not?  Well here is what happened There was a ‘debate’ in the Scottish Parliament on June 3 rd 1999, when the only labour msp at times was John Home Robertson in the chamber. Then at five to five chamber in parliament suddenly filled up with Labour and Liberal Democrat MSPs, and the calls to redraw the boundaries were defeated by 63 votes to 55.   VOTE SNP for Scotland before labour, conservatives and the liberal democrats steal more of our land and sea and wealth.

So many foreign peace activists are being arrested in West Bank raids by Israel – many have disappeared a bit like the native palestinians.  Use your noodle and fight for Peace – lobby your governments and fight for a fair and just remedy not one dictated by an aggressive dictator.

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