white christmas and forgotten roots

Thick snow, icicles, snow like a clean white bedsheet covering everywhere – a beautiful site this morning.  We have had such mild winters for too long that it is strange having snow and cold black icy days again. Yet is feels good and fresh and clean and such a change from endless rain.

Pope got jumped yesterday by same woman who tried it last year – did they not ask her why last year to have prevented it being repeated again this year?

Received an email from the Palestina Viva team who are taking a convoy of aid through europe to Gaza – remember that forgotten land which was illegally bombed last year and is in a siege that despots from the old ages would rejoice at – they have been refused entry into egypt to take aid to gaza.  Not only is it so sad as christmas which is the season of goodwill and giving but it is as if the christain world has forgotten where their religion started from and who brought it to them.

I don’t see any christian going up in arms against the despots who break the churches in the holy land and who stop others going there to follow in the footsteps of jesus as so many are stopped from doing so.  It is as if the commercialisation of loving and giving has inured people from the hardships, cruelty and misery of what is happening in gaza and palestine and the only thing they care about is their presents and having fun not of where their religion started from nor of keeping it safe for future and not being erased for ever.  The pope and Italy should not be the focus but the holy land at this time of year and that is what is so sad – it is as if lip service is all that is being done and those who would have cared deeply now just follow their governments in keeping silent – not caring deeply enough – it is as if their religion as gone from them forever and that is so sad.

those who do care will make an effort to contact their mps,  consulates everyone whom they think will make a difference but if not enough of us do then of course the despots will win out in the end and the roots of christianity will be the loser.

But this is just not about christians but all those who live in palestine no matter who they are who are being oppressed and the world stays silent becoming more like the despots every day and too comfortable in their skins to care enough about others – not the spirit of the season at all.

The Holy Land should be independent, open, free for all those religions to go to and pray not be ruled by tyrants. Or this will become like one of those long long ago stories in a fairy tale / legend only and so much will be lost.

Merry christmas to all who celebrate xmas

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