the great freeze

Streets if they have not been cleaned are like thick sheets of ice – lidl car park is impossible to traverse – smoothing machine will make it into a lovely ice rink.  Dont understand why they have not gritted it – or is it because they are a no nonsense basic shopping place and gritting does not come into it – not basic enough.  Drivers are being urged to drive carefully as it will colder and icier though not sure if it will snow but snow on top of ice is not nice.

The Anniesland Court in Glasgow is the tallest listed building in Scotland – built in the 70’s during the height of tower block building boom.  Apparently as most of these are being broken up as they were not really that successful and notorious for trouble Historic Scotland now wants to save the architecture of the 60s and the 70s! Horrible tower block but hey ho suppose we need to keep it to remind us of what not to build in the future.  To be listed a building must be about 30 years old and be of special architectural or historic interest.

Another building which isnow listed from this period is the  Scottish Ambulance Service Building, Cowcaddens, Glasgow.  Though wonder if cumbernauld or glenrothes as new towns may one day be listed – quesy thought -under the green conservation status or other new towns?

Well am glad to say that we were right all along – all those people who have been using disinfectants to clean their table tops etc – just see all the ads – it has now been proven that this leads to superbugs and that good old fashioned soap and water is the best.  No wonder so many children have so many allergies and get sick over the smallest bit of thing but so many children who live in the country are hardy – that is because they have built a lovely immunity to many things by playing around in the dirt unlike city kids who are so mollycddled.

Glad to see the Scottish Government giving thousands of pounds to homeless charities – especially in this time of year and our freeze.

Dug up the garden hoping that the eggs of the slugs and snails will be exposed and freeze so next year we will have less of the blighters and more of a proper garden without the slime and holes.

Eeks apparently barclays bank is unsafe – any old crook can call up and get bank details etc  by providing basic info – good old fashioned banking in a nice old building – what happened.

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