when’s hot weather too hot?

Another lovely sunny day and i sold 6 raspberry plants and a mint and hot chilli pepper plant for charity, though had to dig up the raspberries as they are just growing rampant in a corner in the garden.  Great for the plants this weather but too hot though there was a lovely coolish breeze today.   Tomorrow is supposed to be cooler.

Found two big fat slugs yeuch when digging up the raspberry plants.  Need to add my yucky slugs and snails site to the links and am waiting for this new type of chemical free slug thingy comes in, not sure what it is but let’s see what it is and if it keeps the slugs at bay.  does not kill them just repels them – hope it works.

The city centre was teeming with bright colours again today – what a difference a wee bit of sunshine makes.   Not only that but people are running up and down on the supports of the squiggly bridge aargghhh hope they can swim if they fall in.    well let’s hope that no cracks appear on the supports becaue of this or it’ll be a bit like the the squinty bridge which is not far and had cracks on it a few years ago.

Need to find out about video streaming for the Scotland in Business  event in September and a speaker, am just waiting for a response back and hope it will be positive for the speaker.

Can you believe it a bus load of rangers fans went to Dundee and came back with pig flu – those poor poor people and not only that but today a man has been admitted to hospital seriously ill with it, hope he gets better.  It seems a pandemic may be slowly winding it’s way round as the news seems to be slowly growing of those affected.  Some say it is better to get it now to be immune but how do you know if it does not mutate to another variant of pig flu and more deadly so you definitely will not be immune to it.

Need to get more images of Glasgow to put on the header and some smaller ones for all the different pages.

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