Glasgow story

One of the names Glasgow is affectionately known as is ‘Glasgow the dear green place’ and it sure is dear, no i’m not saying that expensive he he he, and green.

Who would have believed that there are 90 parks and gardens in Glasgow.  My favourite is Pollok Park with the lovely hairy highland coos so docile and calm and they have a great family day in August every year, this year it is on 8 August, which is so well organised and events for all the family are scattered throughout with free buses from one part to the other.   Thanks to Kenny Boyle andMarilyn Muir and team who do such a great job every year.

Today has been hot but did not feel as hot as yesterday but the greenhouse in the garden was about 79 at about 1830 today !  Lets hope it lasts until September or October  🙂  after a rainy rainy summer last year.

Good to hear that HP may have to hand back large grants it received from the government cos of their move to czech republic – don’t let them get away with it wee Alex Salmond.  At this time of recession to close down and leave so many without a job is a disgrace.  Surely they could have found a way or even cut down on the working days ie 4 day week or 3 day week whilst there is a downturn?

According to Professor John Oxford today swine flu will hit the UK in the autumn and will be stronger and deadlier and there will not be enough vaccine made until november this year.   Daunting do we have to hole ourselves up until the pandemic is over to survive ?  only time will tell once it takes hold – God Forbid.

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