Scottish Ballet – Tramway

Passed the new Scottish Ballet building at the old Tramway place on the way into the centre and the building looks really lovely from the outside.  Looks much better than i had expected it to – can’t wait till it’s finished so i can go and do a wee nosey inside.

Remember going to the old Tramway years ago as a child it was one of our favourite places to go as well as Edinburgh Zoo he he he my poor mum.  All she ever heard was We wanna go to the Zoo  or Ayr seaside or Tramway :-).  It was a magical place for us wee kids and we used to run riot around it and cry when we had to go home cos we couldn’t take the big machines with us or go home in them.  If we could have been put one or two of them into our pockets they would have been taken home and parked next to dad’s or mum’s car.

In the early 1900 it used to be the main tram depot in Glasgow and also a factory. It became a museum in the early 1960’s when they stopped trams in Glasgow – which is a great shame as they are such a lovely transport vehicle for inner cities like a subway but over ground.

In about 1988, not exactly sure what year, it became a theatre and will soon be the national headquarters for Scottish Ballet – it sure has come a long way from it’s humble beginnings as the  Coplawhill tram shed.

The Glasgow Jazz festival starts 19 June – wonder if it is as good as the one held in Brussels which is not bad he he he.  Will await and see.

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