flu pigs of death

well today the day started with beautiful sunshine – Queens Park was full of people wandering around or watching the pond and discussing things with friends and children playing.  Town was busy and everyone was smiling.  what a difference a bit of sun makes.

We of course did not go to the new cafe room in Kelvingrove park which used to be the old public toilets – so does everyone now have to go behind a big tree or bushes for a pee ?  I suppose it is a good idea and wish them success with it much better than letting it fall derelict and into disarray.

Pig flu has now taken its first victim today, though the person did have other complications not from the pig flu.  this is sad news but i suppose expected after so many cases here especially in south Glasgow.  Problem is people will start to panic and as this is the allergy season most people will already be sniffling from allergies rather than colds or flus but they could be mistaken for having it by those on buses etc.

West End festival started this weekend – we forgot to go as it was so lovely rather go round parks or do gardening than see concrete jungles.

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