coming to a street near you

in my backyard

yep no matter how much you may fight the flu it is spreading creepily for the moment.  Just in our neighbourhood a 3 year old has been diagnosed with it. hygiene is the key wash your hands, use disposable tissues and chuck them in the bin not in your pocket after use.  The poor woman who died the other day her baby died today that is so sad, but it was premature – so sad for the family a double blow.

what storm?

Well Glasgow weather certainly is holding over the weekend some parts had thunder and hailstorms where we saw only lovely hot weather funny old world isnt it.  Great for my garden and noticed today that the tomatillos are growing. woohoo salsa in august to cook – never had these before so let’s hope they are nice we will see.  Tomotoes are tomatoing and the aubergine are huge well plants no fruit yet, the garden is like a jungle.  Something dug up some plants we think it is our local wee fox -ah well he needs to eat too i suppose.

cement jungles

our poor wee green city is slowly being reduced to concrete.  The west end is currently fighting to keep their last piece of wee green land from being sold by the council for tons of money and all they can think about is the lolly and the taxes on the flats they can impose on once built.  Hope it does not go through – too much concrete am sure is bad for the health of people with no greenery just cement jungles to look at day in and out.  Am sure it makes people hard.

Glasgow School of Art

The Mac is such a lovely building and a pleasure to see and explore every time i go there even better designed by a Scot Charlies Rennie Mackintosh.  It was built in two parts the east wing from 1897 to 899 and the west wing from 1908 to 1909.  The design was influenced by his love of art nouveau and nature.  A must see for all scots and tourists.

Bed partners!

who would have thought it a few years ago but under the present economic climate we now have BBC and STV thinking of collaborating.  What is going on will we be seeing BSTV – please nothing rude here – or something new and interesting or same old crap.  Let’s wait and see what comes out if anything.

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