Coliseum no more

Passed what used to be the old coliseum – magic wee picture hall years ago that became a bingo hall but started it’s life as a theatre in 1905.  There was a wee bit of a fire at the end of May this year and now it is no more – all knocked down and a bit of rubble.  How sad for a lovely old building that lay empty for so long that it died of neglect and is being investigated as a crime.  Remember our first encounter with the Coliseum was in 1977 or was it 78 when Saturday Night Fever came out and we were too young to go and see it.  So four of us dressed up with tons of make up, lots of perfume, high heels no one could walk on and big baggy clothes to make us look older to get in what a frightful sight we were – we may have looked ridiculous and who would have believed that we were older but the wee woman at the paying desk did and  we got in after a wee bit of an argument.

well it seems there is a  prisoner who has pig flu – the cases are quite high here in scotland especially south side of glasgow and clyde and dunoon.  quite large clusters – a carrier?  Instead of isolating those who came off the planes with signs of pig flu they should have treated all passengers on the planes – too late now!

The Hub in Pacific Quay is the place to be – forgot to mention that is our new home for business events of Scotland in Business – thanks to Donny McKinnon of the Hub we have a lovely setting for our meetings every month.

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