building works everywhere

lots of concrete buildings being made in Glasgow to get ready for the commonwealth games –

three hotels – one on bothwell street, another at blythswood square  and one at the clyde waterfront all boasting conference amenities etc  and all in the heart of Glasgow.

not only that but SECC is also having a large arena which will seat 12,000 – and all in the name of the commomwealth games in 2014.

Thanks to the games Glasgow hopefully should prosper as it needs to prepare itself for the games hence so many venues and infrastructure needs to be built.

Not only that but strathclyde uni is going to built four new buildings in the town centre and refurbishment of their other buildings.  they will be getting rid of their student building on john street and several other buildings which they lease from glasgow city council.

Woo hoo Glasgow has been voted as one of the top five most neighbourly cities in the UK ahead of Edinburgh – not only are we a lovely green city but also a friendly city too.

X-factor in glasgow this year is interesting – first the auditions – then a few weeks later the format is changed and guess what they need to re-audition in front of a live audience – so how many will get through this time of the first lot.  Ahh dont you just love the x factor.

we bail out a bank and guess what the ‘top honcho’ gets a £9.6m pay package – for what?  that’s our money – it sure looks like the government and banks and those overseeing them have learnt nothing from the banking crisis!

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