Great Return March

Peaceful marches have been going on by Gazans for many months now as well as protests in the West Bank.  All marches have been met by deadly sniper fire from the evil israelis.  The world has been watching this slow genocide on tv and of course as usual the msm and the lying isralis have been calling it

  • riots (which it most definitely is not),
  • blaming hamas (who have not yet retaliated),
  • blaming kites (kites of mass destruction),
  • balloons (figure that one out),
  • medics for treating those injured,
  • babies and children,
  • anything that is alive in Gaza whether it be human or insect or animal or fish

In between times the israelis have shot into the peaceful protestors with guns, tank fire, entered Gaza and their tanks have destroyed schools, destroyed crops, bombed with planes Gaza to terrorise its inhabitants and to try to force them to leave and if they dont leave just kill and maim them willy nilly. Why Cos they can and know they will not be stopped.  They have america gripped tightly in their murderous hands and the west who give weak protests that they may as well just keep their mouths shut.


when they are shot in the thousands in front of our eyes ?

when the genocide is in the hundred of thousands ?

this is the way things are going and this is how it starts kill a few a day and maim hundreds, then a wee while later when there is no condemnation tens going up until thousands are gunned down. In the meantime maim those just standing around or praying by carefully pointing and shooting at arms and legs with exploding bullets so that their limbs cannot be saved.  The careful targeting of unarmed civilians shows a cunning and evilness only a serial killer can relish with voyeurs cheering him or her on.

we are reaching a point when not a few but hundreds will be gunned down daily just so that israel can take the land they are stealing.  What we need to ask is WILL THIS BE COMING TO US ARE PALESTINIANS THE EXPERIMENT AND WE WILL BE NEXT?

It is time we the people rise up and SAVE GAZA AND PALESTINIANS their and our freedom depends on it and our conscience will forever haunt us if we allow this to continue.

bees a go-go

What with the lovely weather we have recently have noticed lots of bees and also lots of dead ones which is unusual.

we need to save our bees – plant lots of flowers, stop using pesticides and stop bricking up gardens by being lazy and not wanting to garden we are not helping our bees to survive.

a major study has proved that neonicotinoid pesticides harms honey bees and bayer and sygenta who both make these type of pesticides are denying the report.  The irony is that both bayer and sygenta part-funded this study.

“The researchers found that neonics affected bees in different ways from country to country, with the impact of the chemicals more marked in Hungary and the UK than in Germany, where neonics were found to have no impact on honey bees” article here.

What is interesting is that now they are attacked the author accusing him of lying – mmm is that not the case when companies dont have things going their way so that people can be conned.

Also all the geoengineering going on in every country with aluminium and barium being dropped on us including other chemicals are also another cause of not only bee decline but strange illnesses in people.




Naylor Review – biggest asset stripping of the #nhs about to unfold

Please everyone watch the video below and read the Naylor Review before it is too late to stop the #nhs being sold.  It incentives the #nhs hospitals to sell of their properties to raise money to run.  Think about it initially they will sell and for every £1 they sell off they will get £2 but hey what about the future when they need money where are they going to get that from?  Perchance privatisation? What a con.

Theresa May will use tax payers money to asset strip the #nhs we have less than 5 days to stop this happening.





what the heck post office wants to know what’s in ur drawers erm packages

funny day today was cold no rain for most of today but as soon it got dark started to rain – let’s hope there is no black ice though not really cold enough for it yet.  The greenhouse is now devoid of plants just about did dig up the sweet potato but put it back in as it was kind of wee lumps not much to look at – let’s hope it lasts the winter and grows back and we get something next year.

Went to the post office and discover that you now have to tell them exactly what you have in your package before they will even take the package.  Instead of doing what the airline industry does when you go the airport there is a nice wee pick they show you and ask if there is anything similar in your baggage ie liquids, batteries, knives etc.  The post office first sentence is ‘what is in your package’ and when you say none of your business – what happens if you are selling sexy underwear you dont want everyone in the post office hearing that! some things are private between you and your customer surely – anyway was a child’s toy.  Anyway am digressing they say then they cannot take unless we tell them exactly what is in the package so told them and said that i wanted a complaint form. Was advised that they are trained to ask aye sure bloody nosy parkers and how do i know they are not going to steal what’s in the package.  So after an argument gave the letter to be posted they had a cheek to ask if there was cash in it so told them none of their business what i have in my letter but was told again they cannot take it unless we declare if there is cash or not in it – why would i want to send cash by post thats asking for trouble and theft.  So said no and complained and asked why they did not ask the wee woman in front if she had cash in her letter and they said they knew she only had a card erm.  So me they decide to try their full arms tactics of aggression and finding out if there is anything worth stealing and the woman in front who may have put cash in her card is not asked a thing or the person before that in her package.

Post office has not lost my custom am sending my parcels by courier and at least i can discretely list what i am sending without the whole world listening. Even my letters am now sending by courier. Obviously the post office do not understand that sometimes things can be sent by post and can be delicate ie embarrasing to say out in front of tons of people behind you all listening to the conversation.

Now if they had asked and shown me a wee sheet and said do you have of these items in your package ie batteries, liquids, perfumes etc etc i would have said no and not been offended.

Gaza Gaza don’t you cry we will never let you die

We are so blessed here in Scotland we don’t get bombed by the English or anyone else.  Of course we have our own problems between the protestants and catholics but nothing like the poor people of Gaza are having.

The madmen of Israel have unleashed their serial killers with the acquiesence of USA, UK, EU, UN and the arabs.  The toothless UN have brought out a propoganda statement blaming Hamas for its rockets and how said they are watching the israeli’s scared in their bomb shelters.  Nothing about the death and destruction in Gaza you can see who holds the cards in the UN – yep madmen of israel.

The bombing has traumatised already a traumatised nation who have nowhere to go in their prison.

My heart turns to stone when i hear the word Israel and my heart bleeds tears of blood when i hear the word Gaza.  A lot of this is also islamophobia and the old rule and divide so that all the assets in the lands can be stolen by the west forget about the natives they are just little nuisances to swat away.

The Gazans in their prison have proofed their courage, dignity and honour in fighting against the israelis and resisting and not being corrupted like Abbas and his crowd.  HAMAS IS NOT A TERRORIST ORGANISATION.  This should be shouted out by everyone in the world instead of all falling into the trap of propoganda initiated by israel and its ilk.

GAZA our hearts are with you and our lives.