bonspiel at piperdam or loch leven – who really leaked – South Americans recognition of 1967 Palestine border state

It is freezing and foggy in Glasgow not much rain just a wispy bit of dandruff today but it looks like it will be about -13 tomorrow here though. Couldn’t find my gloves this morning so wore two different colours 🙂 – well a glove is a glove and just like socks as long as […]

it’s snowing again and boycotts continue worldwide

It has been snowing off and on all day today earlier than the weatherman predicted as it was supposed to snow on sunday. The roads were well gritted in Glasgow but if the snow restarts with a heavy blizzard and gets colder then no grit or salt will help. Looks like if it gets heavy […]

body cameras over xmas period

well it is freezing here and still no snow in Glasgow but could be here by Sunday cos it is all falling on the sea and ocean right now or high up in the highlands, wales and northern ireland and apparently some in southern england.

Now that it is the season of goodwill and partying […]

the big ‘I’, what snow men, those lying ‘Times’ editors

Waiting for the predicted snow to arrive – though not all of the last lot has yet melted in places but we have had a few days of cloud and sun and very very cold weather. Of course with the snow on it’s way there will definitely be more snowmen around the neighbourhood and around […]

oxymorons, compacted ice, SHIELD who, hackers a go-go and Israeli PR stunts

Town is slushy and slippery and crossing the bridge to go to the southside is completely different – the roads are full of compacted ice still and vehicles go at their own peril slowly but at least safely. Today it was cold, tomorow we gonna have a heat wave of +7 compared to -12 today […]