snow forecast hurray – cablegate and Qatar – more killings in Gaza and West Bank

Well just when one thought that the snow was gone guess what it will be back hurray hurray – only problem is that the frozen compacted snow is still there ah well with the soft stuff should make it ok to walk methinks, not sure. Did not venture out today but hope the car will […]

hoodwinkers unite

Glasgow is freezing at this time of year, am i complaining of course not – means we may get snow and bugs especially those pesky snails will be controlled. Yeah much much better for my plants especially the vegetables and fruits. Dug two large holes today and put in the sludge which was in two […]

Mideast peace talks – farce – while the leaders talk gaza and the west bank burns

well today was not a bad day – bit of rain otherwise lovely weather. Almost the end of the growing season – beans are doing well and lots of tomatos. Glasgow is getting ready for the papal visit. But what an embarrasment some German cardinal made a very obvious racist remark about the UK – […]