coming to a street near you

in my backyard

yep no matter how much you may fight the flu it is spreading creepily for the moment. Just in our neighbourhood a 3 year old has been diagnosed with it. hygiene is the key wash your hands, use disposable tissues and chuck them in the bin not in your pocket after use. […]

flu pigs of death

well today the day started with beautiful sunshine – Queens Park was full of people wandering around or watching the pond and discussing things with friends and children playing. Town was busy and everyone was smiling. what a difference a bit of sun makes.

We of course did not go to the new cafe room […]

Coliseum no more

Passed what used to be the old coliseum – magic wee picture hall years ago that became a bingo hall but started it’s life as a theatre in 1905. There was a wee bit of a fire at the end of May this year and now it is no more – all knocked down and […]