War War War bomb bomb bomb Iran Iran Iran the warmongers are growing louder

Glasgow finally after so much rain has a day of lovely sunshine and lots of giant slugs and snails – yucky yucky yucky – suppose can always sell them to snail eaters am sure can fill several sacks for them and they have fattened up nicely this year from last year and this year’s non […]

rise of islamophobia – a shameful period in our history

Glasgow is freezing – town was so crowded and the queues so long. Good for the shops though. If todays anything to go by tomorrow town will be even busier. The Christmas lights on Buchanan street look really nice. The weather woman said today that Boxing Day will be snowy here just missing a White […]

hoodwinkers unite

Glasgow is freezing at this time of year, am i complaining of course not – means we may get snow and bugs especially those pesky snails will be controlled. Yeah much much better for my plants especially the vegetables and fruits. Dug two large holes today and put in the sludge which was in two […]