where’s the snow? Horse burgers anyone?

Still waiting to see when the snow actually comes so far a few dandruff flurries in Glasgow not enough to make a snowman never mind a snowball. It’s almost February so garden season will be starting soon though those pesky slugs and snails sure have not been dented any bit and have eaten my onions […]

Black ice and the epic battle to save our freedom has begun

Black ice tonight in Glasgow after two weeks of snow, yesterday there was light rain and a lot of the snow has hardened into a white ice rink which tonight will become even more skiddy and dangerous cos of the cold. It is freezing and walking back from a lovely wee opening of christmas lights […]

wasn't us guv honest

Hurray for Eurosport for showing the winter olympics live – my favourite sport the winter sport. Where is Eddie the Eagle now? Unfortunately the brits will always be seen as Eddie the Eagle – well i do which is why i really love the winter olympics he he he. […]