1970s style oil prices coming to a warmongering country near you – charlatan olympics

well the supposed snow still has not arrived and the slugs are bigger than a giraffe on the compost heap – need to get lots of hedgehogs they would love our garden so much food choice.

Well if you have purchased an olympic ticket and have just given birth or about to just before you […]

hoodwinkers unite

Glasgow is freezing at this time of year, am i complaining of course not – means we may get snow and bugs especially those pesky snails will be controlled. Yeah much much better for my plants especially the vegetables and fruits. Dug two large holes today and put in the sludge which was in two […]

glasgow green, atm scams be careful, gaza raids and chinese babies

forgot what glasgow green is like – such a lovely wee park on the clyde and so near the centre. It is the oldest park in Glasgow. Hundreds of years ago people used to hang their washing up in the Green and graze their animals. The Green was gifted in 1450 to by the Bishop […]