what the heck post office wants to know what’s in ur drawers erm packages

funny day today was cold no rain for most of today but as soon it got dark started to rain – let’s hope there is no black ice though not really cold enough for it yet.  The greenhouse is now devoid of plants just about did dig up the sweet potato but put it back in as it was kind of wee lumps not much to look at – let’s hope it lasts the winter and grows back and we get something next year.

Went to the post office and discover that you now have to tell them exactly what you have in your package before they will even take the package.  Instead of doing what the airline industry does when you go the airport there is a nice wee pick they show you and ask if there is anything similar in your baggage ie liquids, batteries, knives etc.  The post office first sentence is ‘what is in your package’ and when you say none of your business – what happens if you are selling sexy underwear you dont want everyone in the post office hearing that! some things are private between you and your customer surely – anyway was a child’s toy.  Anyway am digressing they say then they cannot take unless we tell them exactly what is in the package so told them and said that i wanted a complaint form. Was advised that they are trained to ask aye sure bloody nosy parkers and how do i know they are not going to steal what’s in the package.  So after an argument gave the letter to be posted they had a cheek to ask if there was cash in it so told them none of their business what i have in my letter but was told again they cannot take it unless we declare if there is cash or not in it – why would i want to send cash by post thats asking for trouble and theft.  So said no and complained and asked why they did not ask the wee woman in front if she had cash in her letter and they said they knew she only had a card erm.  So me they decide to try their full arms tactics of aggression and finding out if there is anything worth stealing and the woman in front who may have put cash in her card is not asked a thing or the person before that in her package.

Post office has not lost my custom am sending my parcels by courier and at least i can discretely list what i am sending without the whole world listening. Even my letters am now sending by courier. Obviously the post office do not understand that sometimes things can be sent by post and can be delicate ie embarrasing to say out in front of tons of people behind you all listening to the conversation.

Now if they had asked and shown me a wee sheet and said do you have of these items in your package ie batteries, liquids, perfumes etc etc i would have said no and not been offended.

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