sunny glasgow woohoo – snow still falling on the den of Snowden

So far we have had several weeks of lovely sunshine and warmth though a few days have been swelterng.  Picked the beetroot yesterday they look lovely, and also every week we are cutting a large bowl of spinach – and guess what no yucky slug has got hold of them this year – must be the sun.  Last two years were a disaster as so much went down the slug and snails gullets even things apparently they don’t like such as garlic, beetroot etc.  Yeah sure they don’t like them!  Though wish they would eat up the weeds which they definitely don’t seem to like. Yikes.  The greenhouse has hot chilli peppers, bell peppers both flowering and tomatoes but the grapevines don’t seem to like the greenhouse so much thing of something else to do with them. Also the cucumber and melon and watermelon are growing let’s see what we get this year in respect of any crops.  The red rose is lovely on the fence huge red scented roses yummy.

Have noticed over the last year that there are less cars on the roads – aye once the price of petrol jumped to over £1.20 am sure that is the main cause as it is so expensive to fill up your car so if consumption is down then it means that petrol usage is down bit silly of the government to do that lower prices will bring out more users and they will in the long term be able to syphon off our hard earned cash so easily.  Anyway better this was as then we can save some money if that is at possible – certainly not for myself at the moment as prices have gone up so much.

The nuclear fallout is still massing and the snow is still falling in the den of Snowden.  Poor chappie he did the morally correct thing and told the world how we are all being surveilled by weapons of mass surveillance (WMS) in a mass operation that has no bounds and no legalities for complaining against it.  Next the governments will start feeding us drugs to keep us quiet and drugged so badly that we all become idiots and they can do what they like til it becomes a boring old world a bit like the film IDIOCY- a must watch to see what our future will be like if the governments get away with this.

Am so happy that Snowden’s dad is sticking by him let’s hope the american people have the guts and inclination to start questioning their government more instead of thinking that their government is doing everything to make their lives safer – aye for an idiotic world definitely.  Keep them dumb and dumber and no questions will ever be asked is that not what is happening within the states?  Look at how the media has portrayed the affair – all fault of snowden nothing about the fact that their every movem, secret and lovey dovey words are now for prosperity in the hands of a secret society who can use it for anything they want for legal and illegal actions.

Looks like the governments do not want their citizens to be law abiding morally correct people but idiots who will just sit and take and do nothing if a bad things happen as the ‘lovely wee government will take care of it’ .  What is interesting though is the fact that people want to control other people but in the three religions of christianity, judaism and islam it says that GOD gave people free thinking and fee will and so that they can make their own decisions to do things but the GOVERNMENTS want to have total control and for people not to have any free will or free thinking which is quite interesting and very communistic and fascist and also nannyish.

Quick question are we walking into a state of mass idiocy lured by promises of security if you ask no questions and lies, lies and more lies made to look like the truth?


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