aaagh lazybum gps in the UK

Weather in Glasgow is getting colder and colder with lots of rain and wind.  Looks like another cold winter hurray – means the germs and bugs flying around will be killed over the winter from the cold.

It’s time the government looked at how they pay gps as they get fat cat salaries and guess what do nothing – cos theyhave outsourced most of their job to the nurses.  It really annoys me say if you need to get asthma tested, blood pressure tested or ears cleaned or blood taken  you have to make an appointment with the gp’s nurse.  Then make an appointment with the doctor for the diagnoses.  Plus if your appointment is with the gp and are seeing him/her guess what the gp does not take blood pressure etc as it is outsourced.  Seems they just sit there and propose what medicine to give – in other words they are chemist mouth pieces without the medicine.

How many people have time to take off work to make about 3 to 4 appointments for a nurse before they even get to see a doctor?  Or even see a doctor then have to take time off to see the nurse then back to the doctor?  This is not efficiency at all cos it means if there is something not right guess what you have to make another appointment to see the doctor.  Nothing like raising one’s blood pressure! just cos of their idiocy and lazybum ways.  so how many people don’t bother attending their doctor because of all the time taken as they cant take time off or have to use their holidays?  They are paid far too much for doing nothing but mouthing.

I’m sorry but i want to see a doctor not a nurse and want whatever is to be done by them ie taking blood pressure, taking blood for testing etc immediately and be told their diagnosis, of course with some things like blood testing that is not possible, but other things yes it is and not have to run around with unnecessary appointments.    How many people dont bother going to the doctor anymore cos they can’t take time off work and are missing out on treatment which would normally save their lives?

Not only that but they do not even open after 5pm or weekends! And if called out get up to about  £600 per visit.  What a con.  That should be part of their job and wages and nothing extra. Try making an appointment, sore throat etc and guess what next available appointment is 4-7 days away!  So what do they do all day sleep, knit, play with their fat cat salaries or even pland and device how much more money they can con out of the government for doing nothing?

Well if the government is listening or reading I would suggest they start surveying and actually asking people what they want from their gps:

open surgeries in the evening

have walk in surgeries – why do gps not have walk-in surgeries for those who do not have an appointment and are feeling unwell that same day in the evenings for an hour or two – this will save a lot of unnecessary walk-ins at emergencies in hospitals which can be used for what they are there for serious emergencies.

open surgeries in the weekends as well.  Most gps work in partnerships with others doctors so why cant they all do a rota system and work out a system to open surgeries in weekends.

Stop outsourcing to nurses – it is most annoying especially if one is sick they want to see an expert ie a doctor not the grinder who cant diagnose – and most people dont have time to take off work.

it seems doctors are now only studying for the money they can make and not to heal anymore!

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