freedom flotilla - 750+ brave souls on the way to break an unjust prison blockade

Well after a long absence of too much work blah blah blah – now the excuses are over what is it like in glasgow.  Lots of weeks of wonderful sunshine and summer weather with a few blasts of cold north wind and now the last two days welcome rain for the plants.  Great news my turmeric plants are growing and i found an old ginger plant in the garden growing finally after a year of just sitting doing nothing.  The chickpeas have survived and as long as the weather does not get colder the flower buds which are just appearing may give us lovely flowers leading to fresh chickpease yummy yummy.  Fresh chickpeas roasted have a lovely taste – try it if you get the chance to get fresh ones.

So lets talk about the freedom flotilla the brave 750+ souls who are on their way with much needed aid to Gaza via ship, boat or whatever vessel they have gathered.   Brave because they are going into the unknown, in of course international waters.  The Isreali’s of course say that they are not an occupying force so let’s see which part of the international waters (that have nothing to do with Israel)  the flotilla will be intercepted and …  Israeli navy ships have been sent to stop the vessels.  the vessels are unarmed May God protect them.

Propoganda by Israel, the most morally correct democratic country in the world oops meant middle east,  in advance had declared that there was not ‘shortage’ of anything in Gaza – in otherwords the humanitarian agencies and all those who send in anything to Gaza are all liars – wow that is such a whole lot of diverse agencies/organisations from different places worldwide – who would have thought that so may would lie officially and sooo publically.  I am truly truly shocked.

Just heard a very interesting interview on Press TV between an Israeli (in London) and a young humanitarian Jew in Gaza –  the young man was very vocal and there was quite an interesting dispute which ended with the Israeli in London saying ‘you’ve been well sucked into ….’ meaning that anyone who supports palestine and gaza are suckers – zing zing zing erm no i dont think so man from London those who are seeking to destroy the blockade are the morally correct ones in the world as well as the middle east.   The problem is the Israeli’s try to make the conflict an anti ‘semite’ conflict when in fact it has nothing to do with religion at all.  If it was no arab or muslim would work with humanitarian jews and no jews would be aiding publically the flotilla and other humanitarian efforts.   The violations of human rights by Israel is atrocious and the world leaders who can stop the open prison can do so now but they chose not to, too scared of being heros – maybe it will show up their own human right atrocities?

Read an interesting article that anyone in israel who criticises Israel in any way are deported or interned or lose their jobs and Jews are now being banned to enter if they show any dissent.  All news within now smells of roses.  Sounds like some regimes one knows well from communist times and in other despotic places?

If all these people are lying and only one morally correct democratic country is right why are the well known protagonists Greece and Turkey joining forces in sending vessels with aid jointly side by side to Gaza?  What an achievement when one puts one mind together for one humanitarian and just cause to break the largest prison seige in the world.

spread the news everyone – tweet it, facebook it, send it to your and keep our brave heros safe by making the media and public  more aware of what is happening instantly.  Sky and bbc and ITV and Channel Four – where are they? nowhere cos they are not independent per se but controlled by masters in a morally democratic despotic country in the middle east.  Tweet tag is #Flotilla

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