bells, birds, fish and trees

have put out lots of food for the birds in the garden but no birds?  where have they gone?  a few years ago they used to come and swoop on our seeds just planted now nothing not even eating the bird pole we put up with lots of food and water?  wonder if putting yucky slugs on it might attract them?

filled up some hanging baskets not sure how many plants to put in a 12″ basket so put in about 8-10 should be plenty when they grow into the basket.   Will try a herb hanging basket tomorrow to see how it looks.  the strawberries are growing nicely in the hanging baskets yummy.

netbooks – crap no memory hence no antivirus or firewall = hack hack hack and still they buy this crap yeah it is light but so what security is important they wouldn’t leave their houses unlocked would they?

glasgow’s coat of arms  include four emblems – the bird, tree, bell, and fish

Here’s the Bird that never flew
Here’s the Tree that never grew
Here’s the Bell that never rang
Here’s the Fish that never swam

these depict legends about it’s patron saint, st mungo.

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