Victoria Infirmary anew

today was the opening of the new Victoria Hospital and guess what not an A&E in sight!  Let’s hope it is cleaner than the old one and they keep it hygienised rather than going in to see friends who are patients and seeing blood on the floor, filth, dustballs, dirt and more.  Of course the blame is on the outsourced cleaners what happened to the day when it was run by the hospitals themselves with more control and sisters.  The plan is to treat 400,000 thousand day patients per annum with 150 routine day surgery procedures to be carried out. there is also a chemotherapy and kidney dialysis place much needed as so many go to the Royal in town.  It looks lovely new and shiny.

The old hospital was founded in 1890 by Ebenezer Duncan as a voluntary hospital and joined the NHS in 1948 and at one time was a leading teaching hospital.

SNP – beat labour yeah yeah yeah in Euro elections – Salmond may not be liked by a lot of people but you know what who cares he fights for Scotland and all who reside here and not only that but also fights to help other countries plus he was definitely against our illegal war so good on you salmond for not being cowed by twits – keep up your good work.

Weather today in glasgow – lovely sunny with an icy wind – just right for the summer keeps one from getting too hot.

Garden in glasgow – pPlanted cucumbers outside and replanted the lemon balm and feverfew as they had grown so large.  Made up more hanging baskets for sale.  sold 10 bay leaf trees only one year old during the weekend and 10 mint plants for mint tea.  Also replanted the white round turnip and artichoke plants outside. The spinach has done well this year and we picked our first crop today – there is nothing like your own home grown spinach such a different taste.

some world news

Read today that boys who carry a variant of a gene called mono­amine ox­i­dase A tend to be violent and to join gangs.  but the same gene in women does not give the same effect.  Males who have  one X-chro­mo­some and one Y-chro­mo­some, pos­sess only one copy of this gene, while fe­ma­les, who have two X-chro­mo­somes, car­ry two. Thus, if a male has an al­lele [var­i­ant] for the MAOA gene that is linked to vi­o­lence, there is­n’t anoth­er copy to coun­ter­act it. Fema­les, in con­trast, have two cop­ies, so even if they have one risk al­lele, they have anoth­er that could com­pen­sate for it.  the study was made byFlor­i­da State Un­ivers­ity’s Col­lege of Crim­i­nol­o­gy and Crim­i­nal Jus­tice.

yeah eco-friendly buildings could be built soon – all from a 2,000 year old technique invented by the Chinese and parts of the the Great Wall of china and the Alhambra palace are built from it.  What is it you are asking well it is a mixture of sand, gravel and clay with the right amount of water and is called Rammed Earth.  The amount of water used can make the building very strong so is currently being investigated.  Wait with abated breath for eco buildings which are strong.

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